Early Schools in Pasadena

School house on a hill a teacher and 12 children in the foreground

Pasadena’s first school dated to the “pioneer” period in 1875 which according to historian Hiram A. Reid was a little rough board building, with its one teacher and very quickly, too many young scholars.   The school had actually begun somewhat earlier on September… []

Glendale Community College

A new member of the PDHC, Glendale Community College’s collection features photographs and documents depicting life at Glendale Community College from its founding in 1927 to serve the needs of the people of La Crescenta, Glendale, and Tujunga.  In 1936 twenty-five acres… []

Family Collections on PDHC

PDHC knows that there is a vast treasure trove of local history stored in shoeboxes and computer drives of private individuals in the community that tell a crucial part of the history of Pasadena. We are committed to providing a platform so… []

About PDHC – Video introduction

PDHC Video Introduction

The Pasadena Digital History Collaboration, or PDHC, is the people and institutions of Pasadena working together to bring the city’s rich history and traditions in one place, and tell the story of Pasadena to the world.

The PDHC was established in 2010 by three of the city’s premier historical institutions – Pasadena City College Shatford Library, Pasadena Museum of History, and Pasadena Public Library.