Family Collections on PDHC

Father_of_Myrtle_NicholasPDHC knows that there is a vast treasure trove of local history stored in shoeboxes and computer drives of private individuals in the community that tell a crucial part of the history of Pasadena. We are committed to providing a platform so that these resources see the light of day.  Below is a list of Family Collections that have already been added to PDHC’s database.



Allen Family Collection

Kimball-Lawyer-Parker Collection

Jackie Mezer Collection

Louis Andrew Murillo Collection

Mary Lyle Hill Collection

Mary Schwacher-Sorenson Family Collection

Michael J. Mouat Collection

Mr. and Mrs. Howard Durham Family Collection

Nancy Honsaker Plows Collection

Pasadena Fire Department Photograph Album, 1909-1910

Paul Ayers Collection

Sid Gally Family Collection

Susan Bridges Collection

Ted Bockman Collection

White-Bailey Collection

The William H. Nicholas Family Collection

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