Organizational Chart


Chair: Linda Stewart
Responsibilities: New partner outreach and assessment, Strategic Planning, Budget and Fees, Setting Goals for the overall Collaboration, and Final Policy Decisions
Members: Shauna Redmond (PPL),  and Laura Verlaque (PMH),

Outreach & Public Relations

Chair:  Michelle Turner
Responsibilities: Community outreach, Web presence, Exhibits, Marketing, and Social Media
Members: Michelle Turner (PMH)

Development & Sustainability

Chair: Laura Verlaque
Responsibilities: Grant Writing, Fundraising, and Project Development & Evaluation
Members: Laura Verlaque (PMH), Linda Stewart (PCC), Shauna Redmond (PPL)


Responsibilities: New partner training, community training, digitization center, documentation and statistics, and student/intern training
Members: Linda Stewart (PCC), Krista Goguen (PCC), and Dan McLaughlin (PPL)


Chair: Linda Stewart
Responsibilities: New partner set-up and migration, CONTENTdm collections and metadata, Collection rules and standards
Members: Dan McLaughlin (PPL), Linda Stewart (PCC),  and Laura Verlaque (PMH)