Strategic Plan

Core competencies

  • Provide a detailed inventory of Pasadena collections, both public and private, held by partners to be published as a comprehensive, annotated survey of the resources and a knowledge management system for Pasadena historical information.
  • Provide funding and resources through collaborative grants and institutional support that benefits the collaborative as a whole
  • Provide access to digitization consultants and resources to local cultural heritage organizations and public members of the community.
  • Provide a model of training and workflow procedures to guide partner participation.
  • Provide a proof of concept for collaborative cost-sharing and sustainability for other community digitization partnerships to follow
  • Provide outreach and marketing to encourage community participation, awareness, and interest in understanding and preserving Pasadena‚Äôs history.


PDHC’s core competencies are community outreach and creating a usable collection. It will continually evaluate itself by these competencies and strive for improvement.

Goals for expansion

Since the Pasadena Digital History Collaboration aims to encompass all the cultural organizations in Pasadena, it continually seeks new partners. Each year, it hopes to add two partners (whether collaborative or contributing).

PDHC-strategic-plan-2011- 2015(1)


Guidelines for pursuing grants

Grants are an important part of funding until PDHC can fund itself. However, it is important to be selective about grants and not try to alter the purposes of the collection in order to acquire a grant. Choose grants that align with the mission and goals.