Entering Subject Headings in CONTENTdm

  1. Click the CONENTDM Client Icon on the desktop
  2. Click “Open Existing Project” (left hand side)
  3. Choose “Tournament of Roses” (or what project you want to work on) and click “Open”
  4. To view the images, click the “Tournament of Roses” Tab at top.
  5. Double click the image you want to enter subject headings for
  6. Single-click the field for “Subject Headings” – this opens the list on the right
    • Double click the Subject Heading from the list to enter it into the field
    • If the desired subject heading is not on the list, double-click the field for “Subject Headings” and type the subject heading directly into the field.
  7. Click “Save & Next” to move to the next image. Note: You can also click the “Tournament of Roses Tab” to go back to the full list of images.
  8. When finished, click “Project” at the top of the window and choose “Close”