Backups of Metadata

Each institution should download a copy of their metadata at least once a month.  To do this, log in at the CONTENTdm server < using your institution’s credentials.

  1. Go to Collections/export.  Check to make sure that your institution’s name is the current collection.
  2. Your options for export include tab-delimited, XML and OCLC Site Search.


Mode Description Exported Metadata Fields Page Level Metadata is Exported
Tab-delimited Text file containing metadata fields delimited by tab characters

This standard file format is used with spreadsheets and databases

Field names in first record

All fields Yes
Standard Dublin Core An XML schema that exports according to the Dublin Core standard Only fields mapped to Simple Dublin Core Yes
CONTENTdm Standard XML An XML schema developed for CONTENTdm

Custom XML header

Fields mapped to Qualified Dublin Core have XML tag names based on Dublin Core

If fields are unmapped, they are tagged as unmapped

Yes (full text field only or all page-level metadata)
Custom XML A simple XML schema that allows for user-specified XML names

Repeated field options for fields that contain multiple controlled vocabulary terms and fields that use identical XML tags

Selected fields; you specify XML tag names Optionally can include page-level metadata for pages of compound objects (no structural information is included in this export so compound object pages are exported as individual items)

3. Using tab-delimited as our example, choose return field names in first record and click on next.

4. At the Export Successful screen, right click on the export.txt file and save it to your computer.