Press Kit

Founding Partners:

  • Pasadena City College Shatford Library
  • Pasadena Museum of History
  • Pasadena Public Library

Contributing Partners:

  • The City of Pasadena Planning & Community Development Department’s Design & Historic Preservation Section
  • The Huntington Library, Art Collections, & Botanical Gardens

Launch date: Friday, October 8, 2010 during ArtNight at Pasadena Public Library


Acronym: PDHC

Information about the Collaboration:

Contact Michelle Turner: 626.577.1660 or

Information about the Collection:

Tagline: “Bringing Pasadena History to Life”

Description: The initial phase of this project included the collaboration among Pasadena City College Shatford Library, Pasadena Museum of History, and Pasadena Public Library. This new partnership, known as Pasadena Digital History Collaboration (PDHC), resulted in a shared collection of digital images in a new, collaborative website. To date, thousands of digital images that document the history of Pasadena are now more accessible to users. Since its inception, the Huntington Library and the City of Pasadena’s Planning Department have joined the group as contributing partners.  Several individuals have also contributed personal and family collections to the collaboration. 

Mission: The mission of PDHC is to assemble, digitize, and make globally accessible historical documents and artifacts that represent Pasadena’s heritage for the benefit of both the local community and researchers world-wide.

Objectives: We achieve our mission by supporting the digitization needs of local heritage organizations in Pasadena, by sustaining a usable, viable, and relevant collection, by promoting preservation awareness and appreciation for local history through community outreach, and by developing training and life-long learning opportunities related to digitization, local history, and preservation for the Pasadena community.

Collection Features:

  • Collaborative online Flickr exhibits: topics have included Myron Hunt, Early Black History in Pasadena, Early Education in Pasadena, and more
  • Specialized collections by topic: to include Old Pasadena, Tournament of Roses, Rose Bowl, Busch Gardens, and Colorado Boulevard
  • Mystery Photo collection: We invite the public to comment on those photos that we are unsure of the time, place, or people and help us identify the photo: Mystery Photos on Flickr: Help us Identify Them!
  • “This date in Pasadena history”: Find out what happened today in Pasadena 10 years, 50 years, or even 100 years ago!

Funding: Project was initially funded by a one-time grant in the amount of $4,785 from the U.S. Institute of Museum and Library Services under the provision of the Library Services Technology Act, administered in California by the State Librarian.

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