Types of Partners & Collections

 Collection Types

  • Organizational collections – established repositories or archives
  • Public collections – individual and family collections
  • Curated collections – collections targeted on a specific subject area; selected families and organizations

Administrative Partners

Administrative partners are defined as institutions that take an active role in administering and setting policy for Pasadena Digital History Collaboration (PDHC). They are governed by the Administrative Partnership Agreement which defines their goals, subcommittee participation, and individual roles and responsibilities. Collection type: Organizational The following institutions are administrative partners in PDHC:

Contributing Partners

Contributing Partners are defined as institutions or members of the community whose role is limited to a one-time donation of digitized materials or resources. The responsibilities of contributing partners will be governed by a signed Contributing Partner Agreement.   Collection type: Organizational, Public, and Curated The following institutions are currently contributing partners in PDHC


Collaborative Partners

Collaborative Partners are defined as institutions that cooperate and share resources with PDHC on an ongoing basis. They share resources with the administrative partners in order to digitize photographs, records, and artifacts related to Pasadena history and promote local archival collections. While they are not responsible for administrative procedures or creating policies, collaborative partners do participate in PDHC subcommittees, projects, and outreach as appropriate.   Collection type: Organizational There are currently no collaborative partners in PDHC.

Personal/Family Collections Partners

Personal/Family Collections Partners are defined as community members who are willing to contribute a finite number of family resources related to Pasadena. They are governed by the Personal Partner Agreement.

For more information about PDHC or if you have questions about becoming a partner, contact: info@pasadenadigitalhistory.com.